At the core of M3 Media, video plays a major role in our delivery of services. From Live Broadcasting, Multi camera production, Events & Music Festivals to small format corporate events, we are well equiped to handle production from a Live event to lounge room or laptop. Our Outside Broadcast Vehicle can handle large scale events as "live to air", big screen feeds and/or live web streaming. Our production capabilities do not stop there — we are able to continue the workflow in our well equiped video editing suite or on-site mobile facilities. From video editing, motion graphics or any part of the process, we are able to deliver your vision as a complete package in a number of formats.

Video editing

M3 Media's purpose built studio houses state-of-the-art video editing facilities; audio post production and motion graphics work spaces. The flexibility of our rooms allows us to cater to various size production needs. Our equipment and facilities are well suited to enable multi-camera ISO recording and editing, thru to full production and motion graphics projects. 

Outside Broadcasting Vehicle

As the need for content increases with the explosion of new platforms for delivery, the old style of producing OB broadcasts just aren't keeping up. Our OB vehicle has been built to be efficient, flexible and affordable without compromising on the quality of our output. With this new way of operation we have seen some amazing work being produced in various formats. From music festivals, sporting events, television specials and large corporate events, we have the skills and knowledge to provide an excellent result. 




Quality audio production is where M3 Media began and the importance of getting it right is our priority. Knowledge gained from a vast array of overseas touring,  large global event productions, arena and stadium events gives us the ability to tailor an audio solution to your event. From small to large scale events we can provide an excellent and consistent outcome. 

Audio recording

One of our specialities is large multitrack recording for live events. Capturing the essence of an amazing live performance can provide a lasting memory. The bridge between artist and technical production is what we pride ourselves in. Our studio has produced many albums, demos and has provided post production on feature and short film projects.

Media Production

So much of what is being produced now is for delivery to many and varied content delivery platforms online. Distribution via the internet is an ever changing beast and we are always keeping ahead of trending delivery channels. We can advise you of effective methods to get your voice heard and to communicate effectively to your audience. 

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a growing arena that when delivered correctly can really bring your audience closer and give your event a truly global reach. If your need is to reach as few as 10 or as many as 100,000 viewers, we can take the confusion out of live streaming and produce amazing results for you.